The brands that give another life to the spaces of Heimtextil Colombia

Our purpose is to design new products that reflect current trends. Today, we have brought our vision to a variety of designs and have earned the trust of our distributors, as well as the respect of industry experts, gaining more supporters every day.

Entendemos la luz como el alma del espacio. Nos especializamos en diseñar y fabricar lámparas decorativas con alto contenido de diseño, con mezcla de materiales contemporáneos y artesanales. Nuestro propósito es brindar bienestar y balance a través de nuestros diseños. Transformamos la luz de tus espacios, transformamos tu vida.

We are a design studio 100% committed to creating spaces, furniture, and interior design and architecture projects. We define ourselves as the ‘Art of Good Living,’ merging functionality with aesthetics to offer unique experiences in each project. We dedicate ourselves to reflecting our essence and that of our clients, always seeking authenticity and quality in every detail.

KONKRET US is a Colombian brand specialized in creating products for both outdoor and indoor spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, and patios. We use concrete as our main raw material and focus on design and color as fundamental elements of our creations. We draw inspiration from the richness of our land, its landscapes, and its culture to shape our products.

We are a company with over 15 years of experience creating furniture, or as we like to call them, everyday tools for eating, reading, creating, and dreaming. Our products are crafted by skilled hands that dare to experiment and play with materials, colors, and objects to create authentic, ergonomic, and timeless pieces that enhance spaces designed for life.

Wooden products for children, handmade in Colombia with lots of love.

We are a design studio based in Medellín, Colombia, dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the country’s artisanal and industrial crafts. We consider ourselves drivers of design progress, as we conceptualize limited edition sculptural and functional objects. Our goal is to reflect tradition and astonishing techniques, creating an emotional connection.

At Tu Taller, we appreciate and celebrate diverse techniques, artistically speculating on the anthropological future of objects. We use empathetic materials and challenge ourselves to materialize complex forms within our context. Colombia’s rich material and cultural history serve as inspiration for forging new ideas that have substance and meaning in our work.

The Colombian people are faithful to the weaving tradition of the natives. Over the years, this ancestral knowledge has been present in rural areas where agricultural activities and armed conflict replaced many of their artisanal gestures. Tucurinca is the renaissance of these techniques. We are the rescue of the traditional coastal chair; reinventing designs, recovering techniques, and innovating in materials. A whole range of furniture inspired by the Colombian tropics. The perfect blend of traditional techniques and international standards.

We create sensory experiences for the body and the home. We design under the premise of ‘handmade’. We create extraordinary objects, handcrafted by expert artisans, designed for everyday use.